At Gluck Orthodontics, we know that choosing an Oak Hill orthodontist is a decision that is made carefully. We are honoured for you to consider our practice for your orthodontic needs. At Gluck, we constantly strive to improve our practice to provide what we call “The Gluck Experience.” Our patients enjoy the finest treatment in the most caring, safe, and fun environment. We truly make a lasting difference in our patient’s lives.
Dr. Joel Gluck is a Board Certified Orthodontist in Nashville, Tennessee. Combining experience with advanced education and personal care, we are the finest practice in quality and experience for both children and adults.

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Oak Hill

Firstly, during the 1790s, Judge John Overton established a horse-breeding farm at Oak Hill known as Travellers Rest. Oak Hill incorporated as a city in 1952, just before the governments of Davidson County and Nashville merged. Radnor Lake State Park is located in Oak Hill.
Consequently, the earliest inhabitants of the area comprising the City of Oak Hill were nomadic hunter-gatherers, attracted to the region by abundant fresh water and rich countryside filled with ample wild game. Paleo-Indians descended from them, followed by Archaic Indians, Woodland Indians, and Early Mississippians. Ultimately, the Cherokees became the predominant tribe in the region.
Lastly, European explorers visited the area in the mid-sixteenth century, including Hernando de Soto, who travelled most of the Southeast in search of gold. French explorers like Marquette, Joliet, and La Salle came quickly on the heels of the Spanish, followed soon by the English.

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Accordingly, Gluck Orthodontics offer full orthodontic services for Oak Hill and surrounding areas in their Green Hills office. Furthermore, it’s easy to contact us here for an easy way to make an appointment to see Dr. Gluck.

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