Esthetic Orthodontic Treatment is Your Clear Alternative to Braces!

If you want straighter and healthier teeth, along with a beautiful smile, but you are not too fond of metal braces, this is the orthodontic treatment for you. Countless people are choosing to wear esthetic braces instead of traditional braces in order to improve their smile, without compromising their signature look. This teeth aligning method not only works, but it works quickly!

How Do Esthetic Braces Work?

When you choose these clear braces, you are choosing an orthodontic method that works in the same way as metal braces, but they are less visible. Instead of using metal braces, your orthodontist will use crystal-clear brackets. This is the best method to use if you are not a candidate for clear aligners, such as Invisalign. Clear braces are definitely the esthetic alternative that you and your family will love.

Teens Love Them

Teens love the enhanced esthetic treatment just as much as adults. When your teen chooses incognito braces, they are one-hundred percent customizable and made using the latest advanced technology. Incognito braces provide teens with:
• Comfort
• Confidence
• Invisibility
• Mirror images of teeth shape and size
• Efficient tooth movement


Perfect Candidates for Incognito Braces

While teens love these types of esthetic braces, adults love them too. The perfect candidates for incognito braces are:
• Individuals who want to avoid damage to the surfaces of their front teeth
• Adults and teens that participate in contact sports (the braces keep teeth and mouth safe from impact)
• Anyone concerned with the esthetic appeal of traditional metal braces
• People who play instruments (more comfortable to do with these types of braces)


Benefits of Clear Braces

When you choose Dr. Gluck to handle your esthetic treatment needs, you are choosing an orthodontist that can skillfully diagnose your bite and alignment, which allows him to recommend the perfect orthodontic treatment solution for you. Clear braces allow you to correct those unevenly spaced teeth, an overbite, crossbite, and teeth crowding in a way that is not only attractive, but using a method that is acceptable according to your personal standards.



True Hidden Treatment

When you are searching for orthodontic treatment that remains hidden, esthetic treatment is the best option for you. These braces:
• Blend with the natural color of your teeth
• Are made with crystal-clear alumina
• Are more comfortable on your lips and cheeks
• These braces are not only discreet, they are virtually invisible
• Do not stain
• Do not lose color over time
Since everyone has different shades of teeth, some braces will stand out. Dr. Gluck promises you the most discreet self-litigating braces possible, regardless of your tooth color.


Explore the Possibility of Clear Braces Today…

Gluck Orthodontics is proud to offer you this amazing treatment. When you take advantage of clear braces, you are receiving all of the great benefits that enhanced esthetics provides.
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Esthetic orthodontic treatment could put you one step closer to healthier and straighter teeth, as well as that beautiful smile that you have been dreaming of!