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We offer AcceleDent Aura for patients who want to accelerate their orthodontic treatment. By vibrating the teeth during short daily sessions, this new technology speeds the corrective process significantly. It is completely safe and can actually make braces more comfortable. Here is a deeper look at the advantages of the AcceleDent orthodontic system and how it can enhance your progress towards teeth that are more attractive and better protected against oral health problems.

Key Benefits of AcceleDent Aura

This device, which has only recently become available to orthodontic patients, makes treatment easier to tolerate as well as faster. Here are some key benefits of this system to consider:

  • lightweight and comfortable to use
  • convenient and hands-free so that it can be used while patients read or watch television
  • available to both adolescents and adults
  • compatible with most types of braces
  • able to increase the rate of treatment without reducing the quality of results

Just 20 minutes of use each day is enough to shorten total orthodontic treatment time by between 38 and 75 percent.


How the AcceleDent Orthodontic System Works

Acceledent Aura - InfographicThis device works by facilitating movement of the teeth by the braces patients wear. Throughout the treatment period, braces slowly pull teeth into their proper positions with wires or aligners. This new technology simply vibrates the tissues so that bone remodeling can occur more rapidly. It is important to note that this device only works when it is used in conjunction with orthodontic treatment because the braces or aligners provide the force necessary to correct bite irregularities. Not only is treatment time reduced, but discomfort after orthodontic appointments is also decreased. The vibrations created by the device are easily tolerated, and the resulting sensations can be compared to those produced by an electric toothbrush.

Patients Guide to Getting Started with Acceledent Aura

  • Fully charge your AcceleDent device overnight when you bring it home by connecting to either a computer or electrical wall outlet.
  • A full charge should allow 1-3 : 20 minute sessions.
  • When the yellow light flashes quickly, please charge for a full 2 hours.
  • Your AcceleDent device is NOT waterproof or water resistant. Please do not come in contact with moisture or water.
  • To clean the mouth piece detach it from the activator and rinse in water. Wipe the activator with a soft dry cloth.
  • Bite gently into the mouth piece with just enough pressure to keep it in your mouth – all of your teeth may not touch the mouthpiece; however the teeth in contact with the mouth piece will translate the micropulse to the adjacent teeth. There is no need to “posture” your jaw to accommodate the mouth piece, just relax! It is hands free. DO NOT hold the activator while using AcceleDent, just relax your lips while using this device.
  • The doctor has prescribed a ONCE a day, 20 minute session – There is no benefit to using AcceleDent more than once each day. The device has built into it a specific number of uses. Using the device more than once a day will shorten the life/use of the device. There are approximately 18 months’ worth of ONCE a day cycles in Acceledent Aura (approximately 540 – 20 minute sessions).
  • Be consistent – use your AcceleDent every day as directed by your orthodontist to make your treatment more comfortable.
  • When your treatment is complete, please dispose of the AcceleDent Activator in the same manner as any electronic device. There are many electronic recycling facilities equipped to properly recycle computers, batteries, etc.

Because this accelerated orthodontic system works with both metal braces and Invisalign, you can enjoy faster, more comfortable bite correction in a way that suits you.
With AcceleDent, Invisalign patients enjoy even faster treatment compared to what is possible with traditional braces.
Patients already in Orthodontic treatment can add AcceleDent Aura to their treatment plan! Check with the doctor to see if you are a good candidate for accelerated treatment.
If you want to learn more about AcceleDent Aura and find out if it is right for you, schedule a consultation with Gluck Orthodontics your orthodontist in Nashville at: (615)-269-5903.



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